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Hands-On Learning

The Virginia Mason Institute offers hands-on learning opportunities at Virginia Mason. You and your organization will be embedded into an existing Virginia Mason Kaizen activity, where you will gain first-hand experience of effective lean management practices by actively participating with Virginia Mason teams in activities that will directly shape the medical center environment.

For more than a decade, Virginia Mason has been a leader of innovations in healthcare by implementing lean processes to improve healthcare quality and safety, while reducing waste.

We offer the following hands-on learning opportunities:

Our hands-on sessions last five days and are located at Virginia Mason located in Seattle, Washington.

Contact Us:
For additional information about a Virginia Mason Institute hands-on learning opportunity in lean management or to sign up for one, please call: (206) 341-1600 or contact us online.

"I found the 3P event to be very engaging and informative. I really liked your measured approach at helping us to "think outside the box", while building consensus and developing actionable solutions."

– Gerard G., Shepley Bulfinch