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Rapid Process Improvement Workshop Facilitation

At the Virginia Mason Institute our certified faculty members are available to lead a group from your organization in the improvement of your own processes.

What is an RPIW?
An RPIW is a five-day workshop designed around the Plan-Do-Study-Act (PDSA) method focused on a particular process in which people who do the work are empowered to eliminate waste and reduce the burden of work improving the experience for both patients and staff

An RPIW can:

  • Empower and engage staff to make their own areas better
  • Remove waste improving quality and safety
  • Provide protected time to accomplish a large amount of improvement work
  • Improve customer and staff satisfaction

VMI Faculty will provide:

  • Coaching the sponsor prior to the RPIW by phone and during the RPIW in person
  • Leadership in the 4 week RPIW preparation process including data collection oversight and process analysis
  • Fulfill the role of Workshop Leader during a 5 day RPIW
  • Lead one post event meeting at the conclusion of the week to ensure the hand-off of the implementation of the process improvements identified during the RPIW for the sponsor and process owner

Organization will provide:

  • An executive leader to charter and sponsor the event
  • A team of 6-8 members who are actively engaged in the process being improved
  • A process owner who can prepare the work group and collect data as needed during the preparation weeks and join the team for the week

Designed for:

  • Organizations that wish to learn more about the RPIW process by actively participating in one to improve their own processes

Cost: Please contact us for further pricing information

To Inquire:

Download the RPIW information sheet.

"I found the 3P event to be very engaging and informative. I really liked your measured approach at helping us to "think outside the box", while building consensus and developing actionable solutions."

– Gerard G., Shepley Bulfinch