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Sensei Services

Sensei visits are available to organizations that have begun to transform their organization's using the methods and principles of the Toyota Production System and have established an internal improvement office that supports the implementation of the method.

The aim of the visit is to support acceleration of the learning and implementation of this method as an organization's management method.

The VMI faculty member will coach and teach certified leaders and sponsors while they lead an RPIW. A minimum of two RPIWs is required for a sensei visit with a maximum of four. They do not need to be in the same building or campus but within reasonable proximity to visit the team at least twice per day.

In addition to coaching the certified leaders during an RPIW, the VMI faculty will meet with sponsors of value streams, executive sponsors for this method, operational leaders leading value stream kaizen, all certified leaders and the internal improvement office leaders and staff. A specific schedule will be established based on the needs of the organization as determined by the executive leader for the transformation.

VMI faculty with a minimum of 8 years certified in Virginia Mason Production System


  • $10,000/week
  • 20% discount for contract of 4 weeks or more per year

Note: Sensei services are not for certification coaching; this is continued development for those individuals who are already certified

To inquire:

Download the Sensei Services information sheet.

"I found the 3P event to be very engaging and informative. I really liked your measured approach at helping us to "think outside the box", while building consensus and developing actionable solutions."

– Gerard G., Shepley Bulfinch