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Rhonda Stewart

About Rhonda

With over 25 years of experience at Virginia Mason, Rhonda partners with organizations worldwide, leading healthcare leaders to build a culture of improvement and coaching them to set up a solid infrastructure to support implementation and organizational learning — always with a focus on patients. Through coaching and leading visioning and scoping, improvement projects, and trainings, she has guided multiple organizations through their transformation journeys, including contributing to the success of one trust in the UK improving their CQC rating from “good” to “outstanding.”

Rhonda is a seasoned keynote speaker and has been invited to conferences to speak on a range of topics including leadership and organizational transformation.


  • Facilitated many process improvement events throughout the Virginia Mason Medical Center in both clinical and administrative functions. Ensured the discipline and rigor of the Virginia Mason Production System® methods.
  • Analytics participation in applying the Virginia Mason Production System® to major system changes such as electronic medical record (EMR), visit and appointment system migrations, facility design, reporting, and clinical pathways.
  • Consulted multiple organizations through their transformation journeys. Led visioning and scoping sessions and facilitated initial improvement project events. Certified Process Improvement directors and specialists to support the transformation work. Trained and coached leaders of the organization in World-Class Management and the Virginia Mason Production System®.
  • Contributed to the success of one UK trust moving from “good” to “outstanding” in their CQC rating.
  • Co-design of curriculum with client partners to customize materials to meet their needs.


Articles by Rhonda


Education & Certifications

  • BS, Accounting, Central Washington University
  • Advanced Training in Experience-Based Design
  • Virginia Mason Production System®

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