Deborah Dollard, MBA Executive Sensei Executive Sensei

Deborah Dollard, MBA, is an executive sensei at Virginia Mason Institute. She coaches executive teams worldwide to lead lean implementation and transform health care.

Prior to her work at Virginia Mason Institute, Deb worked as an executive lean consultant with John Black and Associates (JBA), where she served as a strategic guide and coach for executive teams, trained leaders, set up kaizen promotion offices (KPOs), coached improvement events and led sustainable, measurable implementations. She has worked with multiple hospitals, including a large, multisite project in Saskatchewan.

Before working with JBA, Deb was an executive with Boeing Commercial Airplanes who deployed lean strategies across multiple disciplines, including sales and marketing, financial analysis, strategic planning, program management and operations. She was instrumental in setting up the organization’s first Quality Improvement Center.

Deb is certified in lean by John Black and Associates and is trained in the Virginia Mason Production System®.