Diane Miller, MBA Executive Sensei Executive Sensei

Diane Miller, MBA, is an executive sensei at Virginia Mason Institute and served as the institute’s first executive director beginning in 2008. Formerly a vice president at Virginia Mason, she helped design the infrastructure to support the organization’s adoption of the Virginia Mason Production System as its management method. Today she leads rapid process improvement events for clients worldwide and designs and develops education and training services for health care leaders and providers. She also oversees the Center for Health Care Solutions, an innovation unit working to create a new model of health care delivery that achieves reliable evidence-based care with high patient satisfaction and a lower cost.

Prior to coming to Virginia Mason Institute, Diane was a consultant who worked with organizations to apply the Toyota Production System to health care. She also worked in a variety of positions at Virginia Mason, including a leading role in organizational development when Virginia Mason first began its lean journey in 2001.

Diane is certified in the Virginia Mason Production System®.

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