Lessons Learned to Inspire Your Own Improvement

At Virginia Mason Institute, the lean methods we teach — and our primary source of inspiration — come from the remarkable work our colleagues do every day at Virginia Mason. Read about some of the improvement work we’ve created, implemented and sustained to make care dramatically better for patients, providers and staff.

How a Medication Error Spurred Team Engagement, Innovation and Patient Safety

At Virginia Mason, an error occurred in the pharmacy years ago that had a profound effect on a patient, leaders and staff — and eventually the processes the pharmacy team would use moving forward.

“Transparency is important at Virginia Mason,” says Niloofar Alikashani, PharmD, RPh. “Any family member can ask any staff member why a patient’s name is in red. It helps keep everyone accountable.”

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Using Teamwork and Innovation
to Achieve Zero Preventable Hospital-Acquired VTE Events

Using lean methods, Virginia Mason’s team found a way to achieve 100% compliance with the CMS measures for VTE prophylaxis for intensive care patients—for 25 consecutive months.

Patient Safety Alert System Stands the Test of Time

The Patient Safety Alert System™ at Virginia Mason is a project borne of inspiration, innovation, hard work and a dedication to always do what is best for the patient.

“When anything goes wrong at Virginia Mason,” says board member Julie Morath, “I know immediately what happened and what is being done.”

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