Rapid Recognition and Treatment Approach for Hospitals

Reducing delays in rapid recognition upon early signs of sepsis and swift, standardized treatment is an urgent opportunity in health care today. Sepsis is the primary cause of death from infection worldwide, with over 18 million cases per year, and represents the most costly condition treated within hospitals in the United States, hitting 20 billion dollars in 2011 alone. Surprisingly, it is patients with less severe sepsis, those not yet in septic shock, who make up the majority of sepsis-related deaths. The Sepsis Power Hour method can be implemented at your health care organization to support the reduction of costs associated with the treatment of sepsis, as well as, improve patient outcomes.

Solution outcomes

Our methods are first implemented within our own health care system. Learn about the life-saving, time-saving, and cost-saving outcomes that have resulted at Virginia Mason from implementing this powerful protocol to rapidly identify and treat sepsis.


Timeline of delivery

From preparing your health care team to learn and master a new protocol, through intensive coaching, to ensuring a successful and sustainable implementation, our experts provide tailored guidance and expertise at every step of the way.


Beating the clock to stop sepsis

Empower your health care team to learn and adopt a standardized protocol to quickly recognize sepsis early-on and administer a rapid treatment bundle that dramatically improves patient outcomes. By reducing the time it takes to deploy a method that is nurse-empowered and consistently practiced, life-saving measures can be performed in less time.

We believe that by adopting the highest quality solutions and systems into the delivery of health care we can work towards zero-defect health care. Through five years of process improvement work, Virginia Mason Medical Center developed this protocol to rapidly identify and treat sepsis. The solution has been delivered, proven and has resulted in tremendous life-saving, time-saving, and cost-saving outcomes.

Success is in the numbers – Virginia Mason’s proven results

  • The average 90-day sepsis episode cost at Virginia Mason is $22,082, compared to the national average of $28,130 – a savings of 21% per episode
  • Virginia Mason has experienced a 15% reduction in discharges to long-term care facilities 
  • Rapid response calls were reduced by 66%, from 120 calls per month to 40
  • An 80% success rate was achieved delivering the bundle in under one hour

Timeline of delivery

Setup and

An initial evaluation of the current state approach to recognizing and treating sepsis. A sponsor team of leaders will be identified.

Engaging the
Sponsor Team

A sponsor team will kick off the initiative and begin planning for the alignment of necessary infrastructure within the organization.


With support from the sponsor team, the project manager works with leaders to align key infrastructure to prepare for implementation.

the People

All stakeholders begin receiving necessary training and support to implement the program and prepare for launch.

Launch and Monitor

Program implementation is monitored through data collection, feedback and addressing barriers.

Prepare your staff to rapidly detect and treat the initial signs of sepsis today

Our sepsis treatment bundle shortens the reaction time at each step of the sepsis response process, from the early detection of sepsis, to empowering nurses to swiftly initiate treatment, to the consistent and rapid delivery of care. Our experts provide intensive training so that your staff is equipped to perform the protocol consistently, to improve outcomes, and to reduce the costly impacts of care delivered too late. Potential barriers and delays are addressed and solved through hands-on coaching throughout the solution delivery to ensure successful implementation.

Benefit from our experts’ proven experience and success creating standardized processes, implementing flow, and preventing mistakes to ensure your team learns to administer the rapid sepsis treatment bundle the same way, uniformly, every time, for every patient.

Video | Sepsis Power Hour positively impacts patients, providers and staff at Virginia Mason

Team members at Virginia Mason in Seattle share their experience implementing the Sepsis Power Hour rapid treatment protocol to provide superior and safer care for patients.

Webinar | Beating the Clock to Stop Sepsis in One Hour

Learn about the urgent opportunity in health care to implement a standardized approach to rapidly identify and treat sepsis and reduce the high costs of care delivered too late.

“Only 10 to 30 percent of patients with sepsis receive excellent care. Saving lives depends not just on treatments specific to a particular infection, but rather a focus on early recognition and awareness of sepsis, rapid therapy, resuscitation, and vital organ support. In short, sepsis is a medical emergency and each hour matters.”

Global Sepsis Alliance

Take action to fight sepsis faster

Our experts will coach your team to consistently master the early recognition of sepsis and swift delivery of care.

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