Rapid Improvement Event Coaching and Facilitation

Scaling Kaizen

This onsite one-to three-day event focuses on empowering the people who do the work to eliminate waste and reduce the burden of work for a particular process. While 5 day RPIWs are facilitated by the certified lean specialists, these shorter events bring 3-5 staff together to improve specific work. These events can occur within an organization’s focused Value Stream, or in specific departments with a more narrow scope.

A Kaizen Event offers organizations a standardized and accountable method for realizing their vision of an improved future state while getting quick wins in specific areas. Coaching includes certifying a Team Leader.

What this experience will give you an understanding of:

  • How to apply the lean methods and tools to perform PDSAs and demonstrate improvement.
  • How to engage teams to think of new ways to do their work through focused idea generation using Directed Creativity.
  • How to set stretch targets and challenge, inspire and energize teams to focus on improving their work.
  • How to organize data and identify areas of focus and opportunity.


  • This does not include initial Lean Training for the team leader candidate to be certified.
  • Includes preparation calls, coaching and assessment for one candidate to serve as team leader.
  • Includes two 1, 2 or 3 day kaizen events to demonstrate learned skill with coaching by with our transformation sensei.

Who Should Attend

Kaizen Promotion Office Specialists and/or Lean for Leader graduate who is eager to learn the skills of facilitating small teams through kaizen.


Virginia Mason Institute certificate of completion

Prerequisites – Lean for Leaders or other lean training

Ready to get certified?