Change Management Coaching

Gain the skills needed to align leaders and staff

Inspiring the sense of urgency in others to make necessary changes is essential to organizational improvement. Learn how to engage leaders and staff around embracing and achieving organizational goals and sustain progress toward transformation.

This workshop will teach participants how to:

  • communicate urgency and why it is important to initiate change and improve processes now.
  • lead from the genba and staff the ability to speak up about barriers and shared ideas freely and frequently.
  • establish a departmental vision to align goal work to promote a shared vision.
  • make expectations and information transparent for staff.
  • engage team members in actively contributing to daily improvement.
  • support staff and show respect while on the genba.
  • the importance of staff recognition and celebrating accomplishments.


  • Create an approaching the genba for change work plan including actions to be taken.
  • Learn directed creativity techniques to help teams establish visions and address mental valleys.

Who should attend:

Leaders at any level of the organization including project managers and facilitators.

Prerequisites – None

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