Process Improvement Coaching Certification

Promote a certification candidate’s growth through this experiential learning

This certification process grants the coaching candidate the ability to coach leaders in their organization to lead their own 5-day Rapid Process Improvement Workshops. The process entails experiential learning and in-depth reflection around learning styles and coaching strategies.

Learning by doing with reflection affords a learning platform as the certification candidate manages delivery and execution of the event. At times however, thoughtful mentorship by the candidate may be considered as a way to promote a deeper grasp of targeted skills and knowledge.

What this experience will entail:

  • A carefully crafted certification pathway that ensures the coach the coach candidate’s ability to set up a coaching relationship with their candidates, and the execution of their partnership during the planning stage, the improvement workshop itself, and the post-event debrief and assessment stage.
  • Intensified understanding of the lean tools and their application, as well as exposure to social and cultural challenges to support the candidate through coaching.
  • A close partnership with a sensei to support the coach the coach candidate’s growth in exploration and identification of multiple learning styles that they may exhibit in times of calm and/or stress.
  • A sharing of the sensei’s experiences in coaching to support the coach the coach candidate’s exploration in coaching and feedback styles that suit the candidate, the opportunity, and the environment.

After this experience, you will be able to:

  • Coach promising quality improvement leaders in your organization to lead their own 5-day Rapid Process Improvement Workshops
  • Accommodate a higher degree of complex coaching scenarios for leaders performing through adaptive change.
  • Accelerate the depth of improvement capacity and capability in your organization by creating local experts in their own departments.


Virginia Mason Institute certificate of completion

Prerequisites – Five independently led Rapid Process Improvement Workshops in preparation for coaching application

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