Apply flow concepts to your acute setting

$2,500 per participant*



Designed for teams of two or more from a single organization, this interactive workshop shows participants how to create continuous flow in the acute care setting. Participants learn to identify wasteful work, use standard lean tools to deconstruct and redefine work, increase quality and overcome implementation obstacles.

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Credits or Certifications

  • Not applicable

Time Commitment

2.5 days


Providing care in the exact right moment

Teams consisting of health care providers, leaders, and clinical team members are empowered to improve flow by learning to reduce wait times, increase quality, and remove non-value-added activities from their day. Through the development of effective standard practices, participants learn to foster a high-functioning team environment, improve economic performance, and ultimately, increase both patient and staff satisfaction.

The flow learning experience

Receive coaching and preparation to implement lean tools:

  • Participate in interactive exercises to understand flow in an acute care setting.
  • Use lean health care tools to assess participants’ practices.
  • Gain key insights to designing best practices and implementing lean processes to create continuous flow.
  • Engage your team to perform tasks more efficiently, in flow, and deliver care at the exact right moment.
  • Learn to better align skills and tasks so that each team member is confident of their role, ultimately increasing job satisfaction and decreasing burnout.
  • Understand how to utilize time as a resource as well as a valuable tool to drive improvements to processes, reduce the burden of work, and save both patients and staff time per visit.
  • Prepare for a successful implementation with tips from Virginia Mason providers and flow experts.

Lead your team in implementing flow

Virginia Mason Institute’s highly-coordinated approach is designed to ensure each task performed by each team member adds value to the patient experience. Participants will gain a new vision of flow and the tools to balance workloads, improve skill-task alignment, facilitate coordination across a health care team, and deliver higher-quality patient care.

Apply flow concepts to your unique setting

Find out how flow can optimize the patient experience and overall efficiency of your work environment

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