Zero Defects Starts With an Individual

Zero-defect health care is the realization of a lean health care system in which engaged health care leaders, providers and staff learn to put the patient first in all they do. Individual achievement leads to collaboration and team change, then organizational change, and finally to a world of defect-free health care for patients everywhere.

“Zero defects, zero infection rates, zero any defect. Or 100 percent satisfaction. This is a game of zero and 100 percent, and if we have a vision less than that, it’s the wrong vision.”

Diane Miller, Executive Director, Virginia Mason Institute
Transforming Health Care: Virginia Mason Medical Center’s Pursuit of the Perfect Patient Experience (CRC Press)

The Individual

We work with individuals to help them discover processes that always put the patient first.

The Team

We empower multidisciplinary teams to collaboratively create new processes to improve care and engage staff.

The Organization

We work with organizations to help leaders embed a culture of improvement and spread it across a continuum of care.

The World

We work all over the world to elevate safety, quality and efficiency for patients everywhere.

Guidance Towards Zero Defects

We use Virginia Mason’s proven lean methods to guide organizational change. Our certified lean experts help health care organizations embed a sustainable lean culture that produces better care and improved patient and staff satisfaction.

The Right Preparation and Skill Can Lead to Zero Defects

We believe the best way to truly understand lean methods and tools is to use them. As a result, our education and training services create opportunities to engage in experiential learning at all levels through interactive educational courses.

“We can’t make health care perfect until we make every single process perfect. So it’s to the level of detail of every syringe, every bowl, every basin, anything you touch needs to be done correctly.”

Elizabeth Dunphy, RN
Transforming Health Care: Virginia Mason Medical Center’s Pursuit of the Perfect Patient Experience (CRC Press)

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