Organizations worldwide turn to us

when they need to accelerate improvement, elevate patient experience, boost quality and safety, and sustain excellence long-term.

when they need to accelerate improvement, elevate patient experience, boost quality and safety, and sustain excellence long-term.

Solutions by role

We work shoulder-to-shoulder with clients to inspire their leaders and empower staff. Our customizable solutions can be applied at every level of your organization, from the C-suite to the front line.

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Healthcare Executives and Senior Leaders

Our services can help you drive change, improve quality and safety, and inspire an engaged workforce.

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Physicians and Clinical Staff

Empower staff by improving workflow, streamlining administration and prioritizing patients.

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Non-Healthcare Leaders

Create a culture of continuous improvement, innovation and sustainable excellence.

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How we help our clients

We offer a broad suite of services to help clients create and sustain a continuous improvement culture. Whether you need a one-day workshop to address a specific care delivery problem, or a trusted advisor to help you transform your organization, our experts can help.

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Featured Virtual Training

Advanced Process Improvement Training  

This 10-session intensive certificate program uses experiential, hands-on learning techniques to guide participants in practicing process improvement knowledge and skills.

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Improving Flow in the Ambulatory Setting  

Our most popular training experience is now virtual. Develop your expertise in how to improve access and throughput by understanding and evaluating the flows of medicine.

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Note for UK residents: Please use this registration link to register for the 18 October cohort.

Upcoming Webinar

Increasing Access and Throughput with a Unified Improvement Approach

Thursday, October 14, 2021 10:00 AM Pacific Time

Join us for our next free live webinar with audience Q&A. Challenges with access and capacity are leading to increasingly long wait times for patients and exhaustion and overwhelm for our teams. With workforce resources already stretched, running harder and faster will not work. We need better ways to improve our work to reduce the burden of work and begin making immediate and sustainable improvements to reduce wait times and increase access for patients.


Featured white paper

Journey to Zero Harm

Discover how University of Maryland St. Joseph Medical Center executive leadership partnered with Virginia Mason Institute to develop and implement a proven management and improvement system that created big wins for their organization.

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