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Our experienced partners facilitate groundbreaking improvement events and can coach you to develop the expertise needed to solve your toughest challenges. If you are unable to attend an event, Virginia Mason Institute has plenty of online resources to support a culture of continuous learning and improved efficiency.

Continuous learning is an essential part of improving efficiency and flow in healthcare. We’ve walked in your shoes, and we will sit shoulder-to-shoulder with you and your staff as you develop a culture of continuous improvement. Enhance your skills with personalized coaching and access to a wealth of online resources for continuous learning and efficiency improvement. Virginia Mason Institute provides the best training for you and your healthcare organization with proven tools, concepts, case studies and more. To find out more information, view potential coaching options below.

Ready to learn how coaching or facilitation can help your team?

How Coaching Helps One Health System Lead Cultural Transformation Their Way

Learn how one large academic health system used coaching to supercharge their management and improvement method and to help boost staff engagement metrics, navigate the COVID-19 pandemic, and support system-wide transformation.

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