Developing Vision and Alignment

Determine the right path forward

To inform and support your organization’s path for creating high reliability, or tackling any quality initiatives such as population health, we facilitate a cohort of cross-functional executives and leaders toward a fully articulated vision and a roadmap to prepare you for process improvement planning and the road ahead.

Equipped with the roadmap, we then train you on a goal-setting process that provides focus, direction, and alignment to support organizational performance direction that is critical to your vision and strategy.

Develop your improvement roadmap

Our vision and alignment development services range from extensive facilitation to customized coaching.

Let our world-class experts join you on your journey.

Transformation through culture change

In this video, you will learn how Virginia Mason Institute was established and how culture change can build the capability to create and sustain a culture of continuous improvement through education, coaching and facilitation that inspires, prepares and guides.

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