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Our proven approach combined with the services tailored to meet your objectives ensures sustainable results can be achieved.

For wherever you are on your improvement journey, we have a variety of offerings and methods for achieving the results you need. Our expertise spans healthcare’s most challenging issues, whether accelerating and sustaining system transformation, solving patient access issues, improving quality and safety, or physician and leadership development– our approach and method will drive desired results.

An internationally recognized and proven system

Our improvement system rooted in the Virginia Mason Production System® (VMPS) was designed by healthcare leaders for healthcare organizations. It has served as the foundation for government entities and healthcare organizations to establish their own culture of continuous improvement. The methodology at its core is about engagement and works when senior leadership alignment, support and direction is consistent and clear. Virginia Mason Institute transformation partners leverage our collective expertise in the methodology including the leadership behaviors necessary to educate, support, and challenge healthcare executives and leaders to develop a learning and improvement culture, create their own management system, and lead this work independently.

Our approach is uniquely designed to support healthcare systems in how they educate and equip executives to develop, align, deploy, and achieve their visions for transformation. The key pillars of respect, continuous improvement, and improving the flows of healthcare are underpinned by a fundamental objective to create value as defined from the patient’s perspective.

It’s just different with Virginia Mason Institute. It is different because of the fact that they are a healthcare organization and transforming healthcare is part of their mission as a healthcare system.
Vice President Performance Excellence, U.S. Midwest-based Academic Medical System
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Better Never Stops: The Road to Real Results

The COVID-19 pandemic has emphasized numerous challenges in healthcare, from reducing staff burnout to increasing patient access and health equity. Sustainable solutions to these challenges require operational changes to how people work combined with cultural changes to how organizations embody their values.

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