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Our overarching goal when working with you is to help your organization improve service value while prioritizing the patient perspective. Through our work, the Institute empowers health care leaders to address current challenges and proactively mitigate emerging issues.

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Healthcare Executives and Senior Leaders

A range of services for healthcare executives and senior leaders to help you develop insights and drive change.

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Physicians and Clinical Staff

Empower physicians and clinical staff by improving workflow, streamlining administration and prioritizing patients.

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Non-Healthcare Leaders

Continuous improvement can benefit any organization – even those outside healthcare. We have a range of services to help you drive innovation.

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Virginia Mason Institute has transformed the way we deliver care to our patients and through Respect for People the way we care for each other. Our relentless pursuit of the perfect patient experience is a foundational element throughout our healthcare enterprise.
Beatrice K. Hoffman
Director, Lean Promotion Office, Summit Physician Services, onsite Advanced Lean Training for 24 executives, Onsite 3P events

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