Executive and Board Coaching

Hone your executive effectiveness and engage and align your board

Effective leadership as an executive is crucial to developing and sustaining a culture of improvement at any organization. This includes the ability to engage and align your board members with why their role is essential to collaboration throughout the organization. Partner with Virginia Mason Institute’s experts for virtual or on-site coaching to navigate creating transformational and sustainable change across your system. Through a culture of change, efficiency and improved care quality is possible in any healthcare organization.

With Virginia Mason’s methodology as a reference point and foundation, we leverage our expertise to educate, support, and challenge executives and leaders to develop a learning and improvement culture focused on continuous improvement of the patient and staff experience aligned with achieving organizational excellence.

Receive coaching on the following:

  • Developing organizational structures required to support and sustain cultural transformation, a framework that is anchored in cascading principles that support: 
    • Quality and safety
    • Extraordinary patient and staff experience
    • Fact-based decision-making that leverages an evidenced-based process improvement approach
  • Developing executive and leadership behaviors required to create and lead a culture of continuous improvement based on respect for people.
  • Ability to create accountability, transparency and rigor to drive performance, manage change, and sustain improvements. 
  • Creating strategic alignment from the board to the front lines.

In addition, board coaching can help you:

  • Understand the importance of your improvement method and alignment to your overall strategic plan.
  • Engage your board in understanding your improvement method and becoming champions of the improvement work.

Components include:

  • 1:1 executive coaching as well as the entire executive team.
  • 1:1 board member coaching as well as the entire Board of Directors.
  • Improvement office leader coaching to plan for board engagement and awareness through events and other face-to-face venues of reporting.
  • Modeling and coaching during executive genba rounding.
  • Coaching executive sponsors and champions of improvement work.
  • Leadership coaching related to goal setting, respectful behaviors and understanding the role of the executive in health care improvement.

Who should attend:

Executives, board members and leaders of improvement work

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