Executive Coaching

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Visible and committed leadership are essential to drive sustainable change across any organization. With Virginia Mason’s methodology as a reference point and foundation, we leverage our collective expertise to educate, support, and challenge executives and leaders to develop a learning and improvement culture focused on continuous improvement of patient quality and safety.

Develop the following skills:

  • Organizational structures required to support and sustain the cultural transformation, a framework that is anchored in cascading principles that support:
    • quality and safety,
    • extraordinary patient and staff experience and
    • fact-based decision-making that leverages an evidenced-based process improvement approach.
  • Understanding and ability to demonstrate executive and leadership behaviors required to create and lead a culture of continuous improvement based on respect for people.
  • Achieve Accountability, transparency and rigor to drive performance and sustain improvements.
  • Strategic alignment from board to bed.

Components include:

  • 1:1 executive coaching as well as the entire Executive team.
  • Modeling and coaching during executive genba rounding.
  • Coaching executive sponsors and champions of improvement work.
  • Leadership coaching related to goal setting, respectful behaviors and understanding the role of the executive in health care improvement.

Who should attend:


Prerequisites – None

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