Board Coaching

Executives learn to engage board members

Chief Executives will partner with an executive sensei to learn to engage board members through stories, data and engaging experiences.

Board members are often focused on organizational improvement, but may not understand their role in supporting the work. Allowing resources to build the infrastructure is just one way to be involved. Decisions on where to focus, at what pace and requiring accountability are other ways the board can ensure the lean program will become a management system. An understanding what to look for and when presented with results and barriers will apply more accountability to the method.

Board coaching develops the following:

  • Understand the importance of the improvement method and alignment to the overall strategic plan.
  • Engaging the board in participation to understand the method and become champions of the work.
  • Understand organizational structures required to support and sustain the cultural transformation, a framework that is anchored in cascading principles that support
    • quality and safety,
    • extraordinary patient and staff experience, and
    • fact-based decision-making that leverages an evidenced-based process improvement approach. 
  • Highlighting improvement success through sharing stories and lessons learned, as well as barriers to implementation.
  • Accountability through stretch targets and consistently remeasuring and updating action plans.
  • Understanding and holding accountable to the executive and leadership behaviors required to create and lead a culture of continuous improvement based on respect for people


  • Includes CEO coaching to plan and prepare for ongoing board engagement and alignment on system transformation.
  • Includes 1:1 board member coaching as well as the entire Board of Directors.
  • Improvement office leader coaching to plan for board engagement and awareness through events and other face-to-face venues of reporting.

Who should attend:

Chief Executive, Board Members, and Leader of the improvement work.

Prerequisites – None

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