Breakthrough Innovation Experience: Using 3P

Increase efficiency and improve health outcomes with an informed facility design

From the moment you determine your need for a new or redesigned space to the time your facility is fully delivering services, our health care facility design and flow capabilities can help you refine goals, align visions, and optimize flow in the design or use of your new or existing facility.

For health care organizations or hospitals where resources are thinly stretched, internal pre design planning may not be feasible, meaning the goals and interests of the organization, as well as the front-line staff and patients who will utilize the space will still need to be fully captured. Our experts are equipped to guide these conversations, perform an organizational analysis, and inform the design needs of the new space while saving the architects extra meetings, redesigns or change orders. Through intensive coaching and vision-scoping, Health Care Facility Design and Flow ensures that spaces are built the right way, the first time around.

In this workshop, participants will learn to:

  • Engage staff and key stakeholders in understanding processes and design choices from the patient’s perspective.
  • Apply design innovation to current or new spaces, services, and processes.
  • Increase staff’s value-added time with patients by removing waste from current processes.
  • Reduce staff’s excessive burden of work and mitigate burnout by improving processes, flows, and operational efficiency.
  • Capture solutions for improving or repurposing any existing materials or equipment before purchasing new items.
  • Discover the most efficient and flexible designs for your facility to optimize the flow of services.


The 3P (Production, Preparation, Process) facilitation process provides directed ideation and guidance to enable a multidisciplinary group of stakeholders as participants to envision, simulate and create a future-state vision. Through energetic and innovative coaching sessions stakeholder and user groups re-imagine their workflows, processes, and use of space to create something new.

3Ps can be used to design and create new products, processes, and facilities, and they can be used when a program must be expanded to accommodate more patients.

Who should attend:

Executive Sponsor, Process Improvement leader, facility project managers, designers, planners, construction professionals, service line leaders and staff

Prerequisites – Advanced Lean Training or other Lean Training preferred for team leader.

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