Strategic Goal Development and Deployment

Align and focus your organization from the board to front line staff

Provide focus and direction for your organization to set annual priorities, engage with staff in providing feedback, deploy action plans through aligned divisional improvement work, and sustain improvements through regular checks and reviews of key metrics.

This annual goal-setting workshop uses a structured, repeatable approach to create focus, direction, and alignment.

What this experience will give you an understand of:

  • The annual goal setting process of management by policy in world class management.
  • How to draft A3s for strategic goals to create a comprehensive, actionable plan that communicates a vision for the goal.
  • The leader’s role in goal setting, including decision making to narrow the selection for annual priorities and ensure known focus areas have been included.
  • How to raise awareness of goals with front-line staff and engage them in the process through daily management.
  • How to create alignment as well as accountability through cross-functional management.


This goal setting process consists of sensei coaching throughout the cycle. It begins with leadership coaching calls to help kick off client preparation of information to support the process. The five days of training include:

  • environmental scan review of documents prepared by the client.
  • developing A3s for each selected goal area.
  • designing a plan for catchball communication and feedback from staff.
  • aligning deployment of the finalized goals after incorporating staff feedback.
  • sensei coaching to reflect on goal progress and assess changes needed to sustain.

Who should attend:

The executive team including physician chiefs as well as sponsors and leaders impacted by the focus areas selected for annual goal setting.  The leaders who will be developing the annual goals and accountable for sustaining the improvements.

Prerequisites – None

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