Model Line Development and Coaching

A framework to becoming the model for success

As organizations develop the foundation to engage leaders and staff to integrate an improvement system, the model line approach has the potential to accelerate change and results.

A model line integrates processes designed to deliver services at levels of excellence experienced nowhere else. Key elements are:

  • A transformational design that embeds safety, quality and service into each step of the process.
  • Focused and persistent application of the process improvement method to eliminate waste and increase value.
  • It provides extraordinary experiences for every patient or customer every time across all processes delivering the service.

This coaching experience will help you:

  • Build on the current improvement foundation by establishing leadership and structures to know your business
  • Accelerate the method to run and improve your business through daily management
  • Pursue perfection through continuous improvement


  • Evaluation of the current state of improvement system to determine gaps and opportunities for improvements
  • Provide the training and tools to accelerate the method
  • Develop a roadmap to launching the model line

Who should attend:

  • Leader of the improvement office or Kaizen Promotion Office
  • Operational leadership (director., managers) within the service line
  • Executive leadership with accountability across a service line


  • Established improvement system within the organization
  • Basic foundational knowledge of lean methods and application in organization

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