Coaching for Large Scale Implementation

Focused coaching to assess your internal improvement infrastructure

Transforming culture can be difficult in large organizations. Spreading the improvement work can be difficult to scale. By assessing the current infrastructure of the improvement method sensei can highlight areas that require additional focus to spread the improvement work.

As executives become more familiar with their role in transformation, they can walk alongside sensei and receive coaching on the genba through executive rounding. We will use proven tools, like the transformation continuum, to evaluate and guide you.

This coaching will give you an understanding of:

  • strengths and gaps within your organization.
  • executive’s role in transformation.
  • leader accountability to metrics and deliverables can create reliability.
  • strategic action planning can help accelerate spreading improvements in large scale organizations.


Includes onsite activities where sensei will model behavior and leaders and KPO will have a chance to see one, do one, teach one. Customized and designed to fit the needs of the organization.

  • Preparation calls.
  • Onsite assessment of current state embedding of the method through purposeful executive genba rounding across sites and through divisions.
  • Onsite review of assessment of current state and discussion of gaps using the transformation continuum as a focus.
  • Co-create an action plan for large scale spreading of the improvement method.
  • Executive Rounding and coaching by modeling.
  • Create reliability through sensei visits.

Prerequisites – None

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