5-Day Improvement Workshop at Your Organization

RPIW at your organization

This onsite Rapid Process Improvement Workshop (RPIW) is a five-day workshop that focuses on empowering the people who do the work to eliminate waste and reduce the burden of work for a particular process within a larger Value Stream. Designed around the plan-do-study-act (PDSA) method, RPIWs offer organizations a standardized and accountable improvement method for realizing their vision of an improved future state. These workshops are typically facilitated by certified lean specialists, directors and senior leaders.

An RPIW offers organizations a standardized and accountable method for realizing their vision of an improved future state. A Virginia Mason Sensei will perform the role of Workshop Leader and coach while an organization’s candidate performs the Team Leader role.

Your key value stream leaders and stakeholders will learn to:

  • apply the lean methods and tools to perform PDSAs and demonstrate improvement.
  • engage teams to think of new ways to do their work through focused idea generation using directed creativity.
  • set stretch targets and challenge, inspire and energize teams to focus on improving their work.
  • organize data and identify areas of focus and opportunity.
  • negotiate through change cross-functional management and leading by influence.


  • This does not include initial Advanced Lean Training for the team leader.
  • Includes preparation calls, coaching and assessment for one candidate to serve as team leader.
  • Includes one 5-day RPIW to demonstrate proof of concept with coaching with our transformation sensei.

Who should attend:

Process improvement specialists, directors or senior leaders who have attended Advanced Lean Training and who are eager to learn the skills of facilitating cross-functional teams through kaizen. A sponsor, process owner and 8-10 team members from the area of focus will also attend for the five days.

Prerequisites – Advanced Lean Training or Process Improvement Training

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