Advanced Mistake Proofing

Reframe medical mistakes into improvement activities

Finding solutions to medical mistakes is essential for any healthcare organization. With process improvements and strategies, reducing errors is possible. This 2-day workshop includes basic training using mistake-proofing techniques proven to address mistakes at Virginia Mason. Overall process improvement enables increased efficiency and higher quality patient care.

Hands-on activities help participants practice analyzing problems they bring and employing the methods successfully. Processes are mapped out to address common mistake-prone situations, PDSAs are simulated and participants practice capturing data to measure improvement.

This workshop will give you an understanding of:

  • How medical mistakes can be reframed into improvement opportunities by identifying root cause and preventing the mistake from happening again. By identifying the root cause of a mistake, organizations are better equipped to address and avoid the issue.
  • How to analyze quality defects using lean tools to sort them and focus improvement efforts.
  • How to apply mistake-proofing methodology to facilitate correct actions, prevent errors and mitigate negative impact of errors.
  • After this workshop, you will be able to use your practice to coach and mentor others in identifying quality defects and generate ideas to fix root causes.


Virginia Mason Institute certificate of completion

Who Should Attend:


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