Advanced Process Improvement Training

(Advanced Lean Training)

Deepen your process improvement learning

This virtual or in-person interactive certificate workshop uses experiential, hands-on learning techniques to guide participants in practicing process improvement knowledge and skills.

Throughout the learning experience, participants receive value-added coaching and performance feedback provided by expert health care instructors versed in clinical and administrative process improvement excellence.

This workshop will give you an understanding of:

How the principles, tools, and methods of the Virginia Mason Production System® (VMPS) support improving patient care, including:

  • The importance of distinguishing between value-added and non-value-added activities.
  • Root causes of errors and techniques to pursue zero defects.
  • Utilization of rapid testing cycles to improve processes.
  • Visual tools like value stream maps that communicate the patient experience.
  • The benefits and application of the principles of continuous flow.

This workshop will enable you to:

  • Utilize the advanced skills necessary to teach, coach and mentor the principles, methods and tools of VMPS.
  • Apply your learnings and realize the value of methods like VMPS through a process improvement project where all of your application exercises will be directed.
  • Lead practical improvement work with your team.

Who Should Attend:

Process improvement (lean) leaders, coaches, specialists and enthusiasts. This class is designed for those who wish to lead, teach and apply process improvement techniques to business processes with an emphasis on the health care setting. It is a fast-paced, advanced class for those responsible for improvement work, or interested in developing a systems approach to performance and process improvement. A time commitment to completing the coursework is required. Previous experience is not required, but will be useful.


Virginia Mason Institute certificate of completion



In-Person or Virtual:

Choose between an in-person experience or a completely virtual experience, both offering the same great curriculum to help you develop your knowledge and skill set. 

In-person experience:

  • 2 multi-day sessions (7 days total) plus intersession
  • In-person facilitation with a cohort-based learning model and networking opportunities
  • Personalized in-person coaching

Virtual experience:

Note: This virtual program is being offered at a special introductory price and class size will be limited to optimize time for all participants to receive personalized feedback and coaching.

  • 8-week certificate program
  • 10 live virtual learning sessions
  • Virtual cohort-based learning with group interaction and virtual networking opportunities
  • 1-on-1 virtual coaching and feedback 
  • Flexible online learning model to fit your timeline and objectives 

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