Culture Assessment

Where do I start?

Gain a better understanding of your organization’s strengths, and of opportunities to accelerate change and achieve a patient-centered culture.

This assessment led by an experienced lean health care expert will provide valuable insights on your organization’s strengths and barriers, and provide recommendations for achieving a sustainable, patient-centered culture through the adoption of a lean management system.

This assessment will give you an understanding of:

  • The strengths and gaps within your organization.
  • Next steps to increase quality and safety, promote employee engagement and contribute to a healthy bottom line.
  • The benefits of applying lean tools and methods.


During the assessment, a Virginia Mason Institute executive sensei will evaluate:

  • Your organization’s current improvement methodology.
  • Strategic alignment of your board of directors, executives, management and frontline staff with respect to your organization’s goals.
  • Alignment of overall priorities in the adoption of a lean management system.
  • Behaviors and policies that demonstrate implicit or explicit principles and expectations of leaders and staff that can accelerate or impede the adoption of a lean management system.

Our executive sensei will provide a Findings and Recommendations Report that will synthesize the results of your assessment and provide recommendations for accelerating change in your organization.

In addition, the executive sensei will hold a follow-up call to answer any questions and explore potential next steps.

Contact us to to identify where you are in your continuous improvement journey.

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