Custom Assessment

Tailor an assessment to fit your needs

Connect with our experts to tailor a custom assessment to fit your organization’s needs to help you meet your goals.

Whether your goals are focused around patient safety, access, performance improvement or management culture – our experts are ready to dive in and help you uncover the right path forward.

Our comprehensive assessments provide:

  • an objective assessment of the processes and structures that support the current area of focus.
  • an informed analysis of findings as compared to healthcare best practices.
  • recommendations through an executive summary that highlights opportunities to inform action plans.

Components include:

  • On-site or virtual assessment
  • findings and recommendation summary
  • organizational leadership debrief and discussion
  • In addition, the executive sensei will hold a follow-up call to answer any questions and explore potential next steps.

Connect with us to discuss how a custom assessment can meet your needs.