Custom Seminars

Designed to address your organization’s unique challenges

Customize a learning experience to address your organization’s challenges and opportunities. Custom seminars are bespoke experiences designed for groups from a single organization and for a variety of audiences ranging from executive cohorts to front line managers and improvement teams.

We will collaborate with you to define your learning objectives and create an agenda tailored to your needs. The dates for a custom seminar are flexible and the length of the experience can range from a single session to multiple sessions depending on your learning objectives. They can be delivered virtually, at your location, or at our state-of-the-art training facility in Seattle, WA.

Topics we can help support:

  • Strategic Leadership:  Effective Dyad Leadership; Aligning Executives and Physician Leaders for Sustainable Change; Board Engagement and Leadership; Creating a Path for Recognizing Talent; Process Improvement (PI) Structures that Support Culture and Transformation
  • Quality and Safety:  The Strategic Path to Quality; Population Health as a Unified Approach; Respect for People; Process Design Best Practices in Inpatient and Ambulatory Medicine; Culture of Safety
  • PI Capability-Building:  Train or Upskill PI specialists; assess PI training and skills; Provide coaching and development support for acceleration through Model Lines; Executive sponsor refresher training or upskilling; Daily Management refresher or upskilling
  • Operational and Process Efficiencies: New Facility Design; Emergency Medicine; Perioperative Services; Nursing Care Delivery; Hospitalist Services; Medication Management and Pharmaceutical Services; Revenue Cycle and Supply Chain
  • Staff Engagement and Patient Experience: Physician and Staff Engagement in Process Improvement; Achieving Extraordinary Patient and Staff Experiences Across the Continuum of Care; Engaging Patients in Process Improvements

Who should attend

Our custom seminars are designed for a variety of audiences ranging from executive cohorts to front line managers and improvement teams that want a custom experience designed to meet their specific learning objectives. We encourage everyone to consider how a custom seminar might fit your organization’s needs.

Ready to talk about how a custom seminar might be right for your team?

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