Executive Leadership Seminar

Custom visit to Virginia Mason

Learn to successfully lead culture change.

Executive leadership seminars at Virginia Mason Institute are designed for groups from a single organization who want to customize their learning experience to address their organization’s particular challenges and opportunities. We will collaborate with you to define your learning objectives and create an agenda tailored to your needs. The dates for a custom seminar are flexible and the length of the visit can range from four hours to multiple days depending on your learning objectives.

This seminar will give you an understanding of:

  • Virginia Mason’s pursuit of the perfect patient experience and zero-defects
  • How the Virginia Mason Production System® contributes to a transformational culture
  • How to develop a sustainable strategy to advance your organization and benefit your patients.
  • How to successfully lead culture change in your organization by building alignment around goals.
  • How Virginia Mason executives lead using World Class Management


  • Learn about the Virginia Mason Production System®
  • See the Virginia Mason Production System® in action through genba tours
  • Hear from executives at Virginia Mason via a panel.

Who should attend

Chief Executives should bring their executive team as well as key leaders in their improvement office.

Prerequisites – None

Interested in creating your own seminar experience?

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