Executive Retreat

Experience Virginia Mason with your executive cohort

Facilitated by health care leaders who have been instrumental in Virginia Mason’s transformation, this 2-day retreat engages executive teams in focused conversations on how their organization’s activities and behaviors can create a culture of continuous improvement.

Participants will leave the experience understanding the leadership activities, behaviors and strategic approach needed to create an organization-wide culture of improvement, and how to develop the infrastructure needed to ensure alignment, accountability and sustainability. Continuous learning and growth provides any organization with overall improvements in both culture and efficiency.

In this experience participants will:

  • Identify behaviors that can influence an organization’s ability to implement and sustain a lean culture: a sense of urgency, a visible and committed leadership, a shared vision, aligned expectations and a lean improvement method.
  • Experience how lean concepts and methodologies have accelerated organizational improvement.
  • Learn how lean methods can inspire a patient-centered culture, promote joy in the workplace and positively impact the bottom line.
  • Discover how a systemwide culture of respect impacts safety and quality.
  • Identify next steps in their personal and organizational improvement journey.


  • Individual and organizational self-assessment
  • Tours of key Virginia Mason operational and corporate sites
  • Q&A with Virginia Mason leaders and executives
  • Interactive learning on how to successfully engage staff at all levels of an organization
  • Discussions of the Virginia Mason Production System’s capabilities and outcomes

Who Should Attend:

Senior executive teams, physician leaders and board members will learn directly from Virginia Mason executives and lean experts how Virginia Mason successfully applies lean methods and tools to health care. By attending, individuals are able to take the next step toward lean management and success not only for themselves, but for their organizations.

Prerequisites – None

“Our leadership team is truly eager to embrace and align on many of the concepts presented and the timing of this came at a crucial juncture in our organization’s future direction. The content was spot on and has already ignited a spark that I hope as an organization we can grown into a raging fire to drive our future success.”

– Senior Vice President, Healthcare Business Solutions Service Provider

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