Foundations of Process Improvement in Healthcare

Learn the basics of lean and the tools for implementation

Foundations of Process Improvement in Healthcare (Foundations of Lean in Healthcare) is a uniquely designed and facilitated 3-day interactive workshop takes process improvement (lean) learning to a new level of creative thinking and exploration.

Join a cohort of diverse health care professionals in an interactive learning experience that teaches the foundational elements, including various principles, methods and tools of the Virginia Mason Production System® from general to complex. Learn how to drive improvements that create value, eliminate waste and reduce staff’s burden of work. Participants will build observation skills, demonstrate a basic ability to apply process improvement tools and methods to a process, and describe the importance of thinking and acting in a lean framework.

This workshop will give you an understanding of:

  • Value-added processes and eliminating waste.
  • The VMPS® Flows of Medicine and how the concept of flow impacts processes and quality.
  • How to make improvements by focusing on the patient’s perspective.
  • The basic elements of mistake-proofing and how they can be applied to your clinic operations.

After this workshop you will be able to apply the tools of lean, as adapted into health care through the Virginia Mason Production System®, and add value and solve common problems in your health care setting.

Who Should Attend:

Health care leaders and frontline staff at all levels can benefit from this foundational training experience, including those curious about learning lean concepts and methods.

Prerequisites – None

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