Experience an Improvement Event at Virginia Mason

Participate in improvement at Virginia Mason

Participants will join an improvement workshop to fix a real problem being addressed at Virginia Mason. This is a great experience for someone who wishes to lead their own improvement workshops at their organization.

Improvement workshops at Virginia Mason focus on empowering the people who do the work to eliminate waste and reduce the burden of work for a process and last one to five days. Designed around the Plan-Do-Study-Act (PDSA) method, our improvement workshops offer organizations a standardized and accountable improvement method for realizing their vision of an improved future state.

What this experience will entail:

  • You will work shoulder-to-shoulder with Virginia Mason staff members to improve their work processes. This is not an observational experience – you will have the opportunity to participate fully in the improvement work.
  • An expert coach will prepare you prior to your arrival and offer coaching and reflection on your learnings throughout the week.
  • For five-day workshops, you will have an opportunity to participate in the Friday improvement activity report-out along with other improvement groups reporting out that day. This includes an opportunity to observe executive comments and the vital role they play for the organization.
  • Seeing the Virginia Mason Production System® method in action at Virginia Mason.

After this experience you will be able to:

  •  Identify gaps and opportunities within your own improvement events and culture at your organization
  • Apply knowledge of the improvement workshop process with your team.
  • Utilize knowledge of process and tools necessary to lead improvement at your organization.
  • Remove waste, improve quality and lead innovation through the application of improvement workshops.


  • Participation in extensive idea generation
  • Conducting effective observations
  • Hands-on simulation and testing
  • Personalized expert coaching and feedback

Who should attend

These experiences are perfect for a variety of roles including executives looking to experience Virginia Mason’s improvement culture firsthand as well as improvement department leaders looking to develop their skillset.

Connect with us to learn how this experience can meet your needs.

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