Patient Flow Training and Coaching Program

Improving Flow in the Ambulatory Setting

Reduce wait times and increase efficiency in your work

This cohort-based training and coaching program helps you tackle access, throughput and backlogs by developing your expertise in improving flow in ambulatory care.

Teams consisting of healthcare providers, leaders, and clinical team members are empowered to improve flow by learning to reduce wait times, increase quality, and remove non-value-added activities from their day. Through the development of effective standard practices, participants learn to foster a high-functioning team environment, improve economic performance, and ultimately, improve both patient and staff satisfaction.

This program will give you an understanding of:

  • How improving flow can positively impact patient and staff engagement.
  • Discrete principles, methods, and tools of the Virginia Mason Production System®.
  • How the concept of flow impacts processes and quality of care.
  • Different types of demand and how to match your staffing resources to meet them to improve the patient experience and clinic flow.
  • The principles and methods used to reduce setup time in your clinic operations.
  • How Daily Management practices like huddles can improve patient flow and team engagement.

After this experience, you will be able to:

  • Integrate flow concepts to decrease the burden of work for your team by streamlining processes.
  • Recognize other areas in your organization that may benefit from flow improvements.

Who Should Attend:

Healthcare leaders and frontline staff at all levels including physicians, nurses, medical assistants, ambulatory project managers, and clinic and call center leaders. Individuals may register but this training is ideal for teams of 3 or more from the same organization.

In-Person or Virtual:

We offer an in-person experience for groups of up to 20 at your organization or a completely virtual experience for individuals and smaller teams.  Both offer the same concepts and tools to develop your knowledge and skill set.

NEW Virtual experience:

Note: 10% discount for groups of 3 or more

  • Completely virtual 12-week/6-session training experience
  • Uses experiential, hands-on learning techniques to guide participants in practicing process improvement knowledge and skills
  • Throughout the learning experience, participants receive value-added coaching and feedback from expert process improvement coaches
  • Individuals may register but this training is ideal for teams of 3 or more
  • CME: Participants in this activity may be eligible to earn up to 19.50 continuing education credit hours
  • CNE: Participants in this activity may be eligible to earn up to 19.50 continuing education credit hours 

In-person experience:

Note: The in-person experience is a separate offering from the virtual experience.

  • In-person facilitation with a cohort-based learning model and networking opportunities
  • Seattle Training Facility – 3 Days CME: Participants in this activity may be eligible to earn up to 21.25 continuing education credit hours
    CNE: 21.25 continuing education contact hours
  • On site at Your Organization* – 2.5 Days
    CME: Participants in this activity may be eligible to earn up to 19.25 continuing education credit hours
    CNE: 19.25 continuing education contact hours
  • Virginia Mason Institute certificate of completion

*Please contact us for details about pricing for training delivered at your organization.



Participant Testimonials

Note: Testimonials from in-person experience.

“The facilitators were very knowledgeable, encouraged discourse and critical thinking throughout the program. Ellen and Robbi are teachers I would go back to for help on VMPS/Lean projects without hesitation and fear. Because they have clinical backgrounds, the examples and experiences they shared with the team to elucidate or highlight a point, resonated well with the team. I have nothing but praise and respect for them.” – Regional Medical Director, Common Spirit Health

I am so thankful for the opportunity to have participated. It was just the recharge I needed. – Procedure Scheduler, Franciscan Medical Group

“The presenters were amazing! They were engaging, flexible and used many different tools to keep the group interested and involved.” – Director of Operations, Franciscan Medical Group

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