Empower your staff with a customized training and coaching experience

During full-day on-site trainings, representatives from clinic sites will be empowered to improve clinic flow by learning to reduce wait times, increase quality, and remove non-value-added activities from their clinic day.

Participants will engage in interactive exercises to prepare for the completion of home clinic assignments that will reinforce learning and build proficiency while realizing measurable results to improve clinic flow and engage team members in the power of using process improvement.

This workshop will give you an understanding of:

  • The fundamentals of waste, time, 5S and the flows of medicine can be applied in a clinical setting.
  • How to recognize when you are out of flow, and some simple strategies staff can apply to help get you back into flow.
  • How practical application of the methods help raise awareness and build an energy in the workplace to improve the environment.
  • After this workshop you will share your application of the methods with your peers and engage in coaching from a sensei.


  • This workshop includes coaching for executive sponsors and on-site coaching at clinics.
  • For each cohort of up to 30 participants, it includes two on-site sessions. Session one focuses on training while session two is designed as a participant report out and genba walk.
  • It includes 2 1-hour coaching calls and unlimited email and up to three coaching calls during intersession periods for sponsors.

Who Should Attend:

Everyone, especially frontline staff, leaders and sponsors


Virginia Mason Institute certificate of completion

Prerequisites – None

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