Leader Development Program and Coaching

Leadership training and coaching to accelerate transformation

Whether dedicated training, coaching or advising is needed, we offer a proven framework, tools and methods for equipping leaders to create a consistent improvement practice to run and improve their business, be aligned and help drive strategic imperatives, and empower team members to solve problems and speak up about issues impacting their effectiveness or organizational needs.

Get prepared to lead change effectively by developing the skills you need to develop and lead kaizen (improvement) action plans with your teams. The materials license for this training includes all the materials necessary for lean-certified team members within your organization to independently teach the curriculum.

This program will give you an understanding of:

  • Discrete principles, methods, and tools of the Virginia Mason Production System®.
  • Elements of Daily Management and how it fits into World-Class Management.
  • Transformation culture and change management strategies, including Respect for People.
  • How to maintain accountability to sustain improvements.
  • How to function as a problem framer while creating venues to engage staff in improvement.


  • Customized training, coaching and advising depending on your goals
  • On-site or virtual engagements
  • Coaching may include site visits with expert 1:1 feedback based on observations

Who Should Attend:

Leaders who manage others at any level and any department within the organization. Executive cohorts and service line cohorts may also benefit from this program.


Virginia Mason Institute certificate of completion



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