Lean Facility Design

Lean design principles impact space

Discover how design principles can help create and redesign buildings and spaces, to improve their value for patients and clinicians.

This engaging seminar shows participants how lean design principles can help health care organizations create and redesign better buildings and spaces, improve quality and safety, reduce staff burden, and increase patient and staff satisfaction.

This workshop will give you an understanding of:

  • How the lean principles of the Virginia Mason Production System® can help you produce better buildings and spaces with real value for patients and clinicians.
  • The use of 3P (Production Preparation Process) helps align your team around a shared vision — and to re-imagine workflows, processes and physical spaces.


  • Tour of lean facility design at Virginia Mason
  • Analysis of lean facility design used at Virginia Mason
  • Overview of the Virginia Mason Production System

Who should attend

Executives, service line leaders, facility project managers, designers, planners and construction professionals

Prerequisites – None

Interested in attending?

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