Process Improvement Skills and Capabilities Assessment

Understand and optimize your team’s improvement capability

Our process improvement experts with experience in healthcare delivery, and proven process improvement and management methodologies, will provide a comprehensive virtual or on-site evaluation of your team’s improvement skills and capability.

Assessments are customized to your improvement method and are based on our decades of expertise in understanding the practices and skills that enable sustained improvement.

This assessment will give you an understanding of:

  • The current state of your team’s ability to lead and sustain improvement work
  • The opportunities to develop specific skills and capabilities within your teams that support transformation

Components include:

  • On-site or virtual comprehensive expert evaluation of your:
    • Team member process improvement skills and capabilities
    • Completed improvement work and action plans related to key goals as well as leader support systems
    • Process Improvement effectiveness in driving metrics, sustaining the gains and spreading improvements
  • Findings and recommendations report that will synthesize the results of your assessment and provide recommendations.
  • Follow-up call to answer any questions and explore potential next steps.

Connect with us to discuss how an assessment can meet your needs.

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