Process Improvement Coaching or Facilitation

Build the infrastructure within your organization

Support and accelerate your organization’s improvement efforts.

Whether your organization calls it an Improvement Division, Transformation Office, or Kaizen Promotion Office, seeking to transform their organization must include the development of in-house expertise in lean management. Gain insights and wisdom from personalized regular coaching conversations with a transformation partner to help you navigate and lead your organization successfully through its continuous learning journey to excellence.

Your improvement leader leader will experience:

  • Regularly scheduled coaching teleconference conversations with a dedicated transformation partner at a cadence of your choosing (most commonly: monthly)
  • Unlimited coaching via e-mail and phone for the duration of the agreement
  • A co-designed coaching partnership that is designed to support your learning styles, while also developing a strong, trusting bond to support the provocation and challenge you will need to face difficult issues in your organization
  • Opportunity to learn from a transformation partner on successful strategies and pitfalls to avoid in building the cultural infrastructure for continuous improvement across the organization


  • Develop an intimate partnership with a partner who understands the risks and opportunities of leading and building the infrastructure of a lean culture
  • Become comfortable with self-reflection, supportive guidance, and directed coaching as the opportunities arise within the coaching relationship that may promote or hinder your success as the Kaizen Promotion Office leader.
  • Accelerate the building and sustainability of a lean culture in your organization

Prerequisites – None

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