Quality and Safety Assessment

How to begin

Our experts with experience in healthcare delivery, and proven process improvement and management methodologies, will provide a comprehensive on-site evaluation.

Assessments are customized to your strategic area of focus and scope and can range from assessments across the organizational system to specific service lines or delivery structures.

Our assessment provides:

  • an in-depth, objective assessment of the current state, evaluating structure, process and outcome markers that support or detract from a culture of safety.
  • an informed evaluation of findings within the context of healthcare best practices.
  • informed recommendations and actionable direction for improving your safety culture, supported by knowledgeable experts and proven results.


  • 2- day on-site assessment
  • findings and recommendation summary
  • organizational leadership debrief and discussion
  • In addition, the executive sensei will hold a follow-up call to answer any questions and explore potential next steps.


  • Organizational strategic alignment to culture of safety best practices results in improved outcomes for patients, improved patient experience and the collective development of trust, respect and teamwork across your organization

Prerequisites – None

Contact us to to identify where you are in your continuous improvement journey.

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