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Sharing our knowledge and experience through speaking engagements

Bringing our expertise to the mainstage, Virginia Mason executives, physician leaders, and lean health care experts draw upon their vast experience to deliver inspirational stories and experiences and to engage audiences in conversations on influencing meaningful change to transform health care.

Our executives, physician leaders and lean health care experts draw upon their experience to deliver inspirational stories on influencing meaningful change.

Our speaking engagements include:

  • inspirational stories and case studies.
  • examples of lean methods and tools that influence meaningful change in a health care setting.
  • current results and positive outcomes of Virginia Mason improvement work.
  • present day challenges in the journey to transform health care.

Your event attendees can expect to:

  • learn the benefits of applying lean tools and methods in a health care setting.
  • understand the challenges of sustainable process improvement.
  • see the value in creating a patient-centered culture.
  • become inspired to improve the quality, cost and delivery of health care.


Choose a lean expert from our team to deliver a compelling talk to your group. Your options include our inspirational leader and CEO, Gary Kaplan; one of our esteemed executive leaders; or one of our highly experienced senseis.

Prerequisites – None

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