Respect for People Training

Improve wellbeing, engagement and safety with a foundation of respect

Learn the critical components of creating a foundation of respect in the workplace.

In addition to the paramount focus of patient safety, creating a respectful environment and culture in the workplace is proven to have a major impact on wellbeing, burnout, retention and the overall stability of your workforce. Respect is also an essential component in empowering teams to take an active role in improvement. Creating a culture where people are actively showing respect for each other, the patients, and communities they serve is one of the most crucial areas modern organizations must be focused on.

This in-person or virtual workshop will give you an understanding of:

Who should attend:

  • Health care leaders including executives, clinical and administrative leaders who are working to improve their organization’s culture.
  • Members of organizational development and quality whose focus is to improve staff behavior and create an environment of respect.
  • Groups of staff struggling with fear and trust issues would benefit from group discussion focused on improving behaviors and creating a cohesive team.


Virginia Mason Institute certificate of completion



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