Sometimes we all need a little encouragement

Bring our sensei to your next meeting virtually.

Our Virginia Mason executives, physician leaders, and lean health care experts share our transformation journey as well as case studies. They engage audiences in conversations and help inspire your leaders see the value in a lean management system.

Our webinars include a broad range of topics customized to your needs, such as:

  • inspirational stories and case studies from Virginia Mason and our clients.
  • facilitating teams through change, creating champions for change.
  • creating reliability through leadership accountability and standard work.
  • cost reduction strategies through the elimination of waste that increase to productivity.
  • improving flow and reducing wait times while increasing patient satisfaction and decreases the burden of work on staff.

Your webinar attendees can expect to :

  • learn the benefits of applying lean tools and methods in a health care setting.
  • see the value in creating a patient-centered culture.
  • become inspired to improve the quality, cost and delivery of health care.
  • take away actionable tools and behaviors to apply at their organization.


  • Exploration of the ideal topic for your audience
  • Facilitated discussion during the webinar
  • Follow up calls

Who should attend:

Executives and leaders at any level of an organization who are on a lean journey or need encouragement to begin.

Prerequisites – None

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