We offer lean seminars, workshops, coaching, facilitation, and long-term transformation services to individuals, teams and entire organizations. Discovery sessions offer a high-level introduction to lean concepts. Immersion sessions offer an interactive expansion of lean tools and methods. Skill Mastery sessions offer in-depth practice of specific lean tools and concepts. Coaching & Facilitation sessions help participants through active participation in improvement events. Organizational Transformation involves our full suite of services and a partnership to help you embed lean methods across your organization and succeed in your vision for large-scale organizational change.


Discover why Virginia Mason adopted lean tools and methods, and learn how lean concepts and other innovative strategies can accelerate improvement in specific areas of health care.

Custom Seminar

Our customized learning experience not only details Virginia Mason’s history of successfully applying its patient-centered lean tools and methods to health care, but also addresses the participating organization’s specific challenges and opportunities.

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Executive Lean Leadership Retreat

Our executive learning experience explores lean methods, the connection between systemwide respect and safety, and the essential leadership qualities necessary for transformation: transparency, visibility and a sense of urgency.

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Lean Culture Assessment

This two-day assessment led by an experienced lean health care expert will provide valuable insights on your organization’s strengths and barriers, and provide recommendations for achieving a sustainable, patient-centered culture through the adoption of a lean management system.

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Lean Facility Design Seminar

This engaging seminar shows participants how lean design principles can help health care organizations create and redesign better buildings and spaces, improve quality and safety, reduce staff burden, and increase patient and staff satisfaction.

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Speakers Bureau

Schedule a Virginia Mason executive, or one of our many lean health care experts, to speak at your upcoming event.

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Tour Virginia Mason

In this interactive experience, participants are introduced to Virginia Mason staff and guided through clinical settings to see how we use lean tools and methods every day to put the patient first and continuously improve health care.

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Use lean tools and methods and other innovative strategies to accelerate improvement and inspire others to improve health care.

Creating Flow in the Ambulatory Setting

This interactive workshop shows participants how to identify duplicate and wasteful work, use standard lean tools to deconstruct and redefine their work and their team members’ work, increase quality and overcome implementation obstacles.

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Leading With a Shared Vision: A Workshop for Physician and Executive Leaders

This interactive experience invites participants to assess their current state of physician and executive engagement, learn new tools, create a detailed road map to engage stakeholders and develop new strategies to navigate adaptive change.

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Lean Training

This workshop shows participants how to apply lean tools and methods in their day-to-day business to drive improvements that create value, eliminate waste and reduce staff’s burden of work — all in pursuit of the perfect patient experience.

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Learning From Medical Mistakes: Aligning an Organization Around Safety

Learn to analyze an organization’s safety culture and develop a sustainable action plan to intensify your patient safety initiatives. Attend this hands-on workshop to discover practical applications that will resonate with — and energize — your leadership team.

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Rapid Process Improvement Workshop Participation

A participant joins a Virginia Mason health care team for five days to actively participate in lean improvement work and identify potential applications to improve patient safety, quality and efficiency at the participant’s own organization.

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Using Patient Experience to Drive Improvement

This interactive workshop teaches participants how to use the proven data collection techniques of experience-based design (EBD) to truly understand their patients’ needs, drive quality improvement efforts, and prompt staff innovation and engagement.

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Skill Mastery

Develop competency in lean tools and methods and other innovative strategies to implement lean concepts and teach others to achieve significant results in health care.

Advanced Lean Training

This intensive learning experience uses hands-on exercises to enable participants to deepen their lean learning, refine their skills and build the capacity to teach, coach and mentor others in the tools and methods of a lean management system.

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Genba Kaizen Event

This event enables an organization’s team members to come to our genba (where the work happens) to master skills in kaizen (improvement work) through active participation in a Rapid Process Improvement Workshop (RPIW) at Virginia Mason.

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Coaching & Facilitation

Experience the application of lean tools and methods through coaching in daily work or through active participation in improvement events, or organization-wide culture change to transform health care.

3P (Production Preparation Process) Facilitation

Through energetic and innovative facilitation, we provide direction and guidance to enable participants to envision, create and simulate a future-state vision designed to correct their organization’s current-state challenges and limitations.

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