Experience lean in action and get inspired at Virginia Mason's hospital and clinics.

$3,200 (up to 4 participants) $800 for each additional participant


In this interactive experience, participants are introduced to Virginia Mason staff and guided through clinical settings to see how we use lean tools and methods every day to put the patient first and continuously improve health care.

Credits or Certifications

  • None

Time Commitment



  • Virginia Mason Institute in Seattle, Washington


Health care leaders and providers will learn about the principles and elements of the Virginia Mason Production System, identify specific health care examples in which lean tools and methods have been successfully applied, and understand the infrastructure required to support a culture transformation.


  • Tour of Virginia Mason’s hospital and clinics to observe lean in action
  • Presentation and overview of the Virginia Mason Production System


Participants will leave the tour with a deeper understanding of the way Virginia Mason has successfully applied lean tools and methods to health care processes and be inspired to introduce lean concepts at their own organizations.

Experience lean in a health care setting

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