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$1,600 per participant


This interactive workshop teaches participants how to use the proven data collection techniques of experience-based design (EBD) to truly understand their patients’ needs, drive quality improvement efforts, and prompt staff innovation and engagement.


Credits or Certifications

  • Virginia Mason Institute Certificate of Completion

Time Commitment

2 days


  • Virginia Mason Institute in Seattle, Washington


Quality improvement professionals and operational team leaders will learn how to add clarity and consistency to their quality improvement work, discover how to identify emotional touchpoints that influence the patient experience, and practice qualitative and quantitative experience-based design methods to guide process improvement.


  • Basic training using Virginia Mason’s experience-based design tools, including strategic observations, interviews and questionnaires
  • Hands-on activities to practice creating and employing the methods successfully
  • Shared dialogue around best practices for engaging patients, family members and staff
  • Discussions on how to integrate patient experience into a quality improvement framework


Participants will leave with the ability to use experience-based design techniques to understand their customers’ needs and to apply their new discoveries about patient experience to their own quality improvement projects.