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Announcing Our New Podcast: Better Never Stops

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We are excited to announce the launch of our new podcast for healthcare professionals, Better Never Stops. Our new interview podcast connects you to direct insights from Virginia Mason Institute and Virginia Mason Franciscan Health’s leaders discussing today’s biggest challenges in healthcare. 

Transforming healthcare is about the people driving change each day to make care better for our patients, our staff, and the communities we serve. It’s these people, the work they do, and the stories they share that inspire us each day on our improvement journey. Virginia Mason Institute is focused on continuous learning and creating a culture of improvement in healthcare. With many exciting partnerships, we have been able to finely tune waste management and organizational shifts that are required for efficiency and quality improvement. We want to share these stories through the Better Never Stops podcast for healthcare professionals to pass on inspiration and advice to our healthcare partners. 

As a part of the Virginia Mason Franciscan Health system, we look to our peers within the system to stay on top of the ongoing development and evolving applications of our management and improvement methodology. We aim to share real-life examples of approaches and improvements that Virginia Mason Franciscan Health has used to nurture a culture of improvement. The stories in this healthcare strategies podcast serve as an inspiring starting point for our partners to become changemakers within their own healthcare systems. With the launch of the Better Never Stops podcast we are thrilled to share some of these stories and examples to inspire our listeners as they work to overcome challenges and drive their own innovations in healthcare. 

What to Expect

In each episode of this healthcare leadership podcast, we’ll interview a different healthcare leader or improvement expert as we move through each component of our philosophy of “Go See, Ask Why, Show Respect.” These stories will present valuable real-life observations, analyze why improvement decisions have been made, and share outcomes. Each story will explore a fresh perspective on how leaders can play a role in maintaining a culture of learning and respect. 

Listen and Subscribe

In our first episode Chris Backous, Executive Partner of Transformation Services, interviews two of Virginia Mason Franciscan Health’s improvement experts, Chris Stewart and Jackie Hartke. They share their experiences supporting the spread of our management method across a newly expanded health system.  

Tune in to their discussion on the first episode of Better Never Stops to get inside the minds and methods of improvement professionals committed to excellence in healthcare. Better Never Stops, a healthcare leadership podcastis available on all major podcast platforms – subscribe today! 

Chris Stewart has over two decades of experience with Virginia Mason and has spent the last 6 years as a Virginia Mason Production System Specialist at Virginia Mason Medical Center. Chris works in the Kaizen Promotion Office (Virginia Mason’s team responsible for accelerating the application and impact of the Virginia Mason Production System throughout our organization) and oversees various quality process improvement initiatives occurring throughout the Virginia Mason Franciscan Health system.

Jackie Hartke is also a Virginia Mason Production System Specialist at Virginia Mason Medical Center and brings over 14 years of experience from her previous roles as a Kaizen Specialist and Supply Chain Director at Marshall Medical Center in Northern California where she helped to launch Marshall Medical’s Kaizen Promotion Office. 

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