Case Study | Delivering Change and Developing Cultures of Learning Across the NHS and Beyond

Virginia Mason Institute

Embark on a journey of transformative success in healthcare as we delve into inspiring achievements from our partners worldwide. Witness the strides made by healthcare institutions, including a significant reduction in patient harm incidents, and substantial cost savings. Learn how our partners around the world achieved astounding results including:

  • Achieving status as most efficient hospital in the NHS
  • Reducing patient harm incidents
  • Cost savings and improved finances
  • Developing cultures of respect
  • Reducing burden of work for staff
  • Improving the patient experience

Our experts have worked together with leaders to help them develop capabilities necessary for facing the toughest challenges in healthcare. Key areas featured in this report include:

  • Building Capacity
  • Disruptive Innovation
  • Workforce Wellbeing
  • Patient Safety
  • Creating Culture Change
  • Multi-Year Transformation

Explore the strategies employed in building organizational capacity, fostering disruptive innovation, prioritizing workforce well-being, enhancing patient safety measures, instigating cultural shifts, and engaging in multi-year transformations. Through exploring these critical lessons, you will learn practical approaches, and about the application of lean concepts in healthcare. Download this case study to read more.  

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