Video | How a Multidisciplinary Team Used 3P Facilitation to Rethink Inpatient Care

Virginia Mason Institute

Twenty-five employees from Renown Health, our client, came together for a week to imagine the future of inpatient care. Their CEO challenged them to design the care processes and spaces required to bring this vision to life — and to go well beyond simply doing better than what they do today.

Using the Virginia Mason Production System method of 3P (Production Preparation Process) facilitation, faculty member and lean facility design expert Chris Backous led this multidisciplinary team of physicians, nurses, technicians, pharmacists, supply chain leaders and allied health professionals to develop an “insanely great” vision worthy of their senior leader’s challenge. Today their innovative, patient-centered, forward-focused ideas are being incorporated into the design of the new inpatient floor while the team members engage others to move care processes forward, using their exciting new vision as the guide.

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